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The utmost advantage of advertising on the Internet is measurability. Web Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your web site. You will be able to focus your e-marketing resources on campaigns and initiatives that deliver ROI, and improve your web site to convert more visitors However, collecting data about your users and customers is irrelevant unless you can make site sense of and use the data to run your business more effectively. Using web site analytics you can find out which areas of your web site are the most productive; understand the true effectiveness of your e-marketing campaigns; work out which products are most attractive to different customer segments or discover who is reading your information and what they are doing with it. More importantly you can also find out what is not working, together with the best way to put it right.

  • To remain competitive, Internet businesses must have an up to the minute understanding of both the e-customer's activity and quality of experience.
  • 70% of respondents abandon their shopping cart without making a purchase.
    Most web sites have only a handful of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as Sales, Registrations and Conversion Rate from “Click In to Sale”. These and other KPIs allow managers to run their web site's effectively.

A basic Tracking Tool that measures displays KPIs in real time is essential to running a web site effectively. Web Design Dubai uses a sophisticated Tracking Tool to actively manage client campaigns. When the KPI's and the core business looks good but you want to know more about your user's behavior on your web site in order to identify demand or to refine your e-marketing activity then you will require a full Web Analytics Solution.


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